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Chandigarh has emerged as a foremost Medical Tourism destination in recent years. Beautiful metropolitan environment, enormous green cover, large English speaking population and top of the line hospitals and clinics with ultra modern equipment and techniques and expert medical professionals make Chandigarh an ideal place for proper treatment and speedy recovery of the patient.

Provision of "Medical Visa" has been launched by Indian Government in order to make it easy for the tourists to come to healthcare facilities. Medical Visa can be availed by approaching Indian Embassies in your respective countries.

Why Chandigarh for Hair Transplant?

1. Chandigarh is very close to Delhi International Airport i.e. just 250 km (155 miles) which is connected via trains or ac buses, local airlines, taxies etc.

2. Affordability is another major factor Compared to the cost of health and cosmetic treatment like hair transplant in countries like the UK, Canada, and the US, Indian cities including Chandigarh cost of treatment is quite cheap.

3. The hospitals in Chandigarh are equipped with trained and experienced staff and state of the art equipments for providing advanced treatments and surgeries. JCI recognition awarded to several hospitals here is a valid proof of the same.

4. Waiting period for surgery in Chandigarh hospitals’ is never too long, which is a relief for citizens of the UK where waiting can stretch to months and even years.

5. A large population of Chandigarh is literate and speaks English with varied degrees of fluency. Hospital staff as well as doctors understand and speak English well enough to communicate effectively with the foreign patients.

6. Located at lower slope of Shivalik ranges, Chandigarh is a well planned, neat and tidy city whose non-polluted environment aids in speedy recovery of patients.

7. Lower Himalayas’ breathtaking hills can be reached from Chandigarh in a very short time. Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Sukhana Lake and much more makes Chandigarh an interesting place to explore as one recuperate there. In fact, one can easily extend medical travel to Chandigarh into a vacation trip.

Hair Transplant Results

At TIPS, our effort is to provide consistently high quality permanent hair restoration to all our patients

The results of our FUE hair transplant have been life-changing bringing back the lost confidence and youth to our patients. This method of hair transplant helps rejuvenate your vigor with natural and undetectable results.

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